Thursday, September 4, 2008

58 Gal Tank Setup - October 2007

Oceanic Ultimate 58 gal tank with dimensions 36.5 x 18.5 x 21 (W x D x H). I painted the back wall black - on the outside, off course.

Modified IKEA Akurum 36" base cabinet. Cabinet cut to the aquarium depth of 21". A 3/4" plywood was used for back wall to provide a lateral rigidity. No feet used. Aquarium is made of glass and requires support under the frame only - the sides rest on the vertical walls while back side rests on the plywood back wall. Front side of the fame is not supported. Plywood and all cuts painted with a white acrylic paint to improve moisture resistance. Undercabinet fluorescent strips are used to illuminate the insides of the cabinet.

TEK Light 36" 4 lamp T5HO fixture for a total of 156W. I use 6000K lamps.

Eheim Classic 2215 rated at 164 g/h. Look at the picture of the filter below - there is standing water in the bin because the filter leaks - at the inlet pipe. This filter always leaks every time I clean it or modify plumbing. After a day or two leak stops though.
Hydor ETH 201 200W.
Inside/Outside diameter 12/16 mm.
UV Sterilizer
Installed in the tank. I'd rather had it plumbed into the return path though just to have less stuff in the tank.
Pressurized, 5lbs cylinder, dual gauge regulator, needle valve, bubble counter, and DIY reactor.

Up to 2" of Seachem Flourite with no substrate fertilizers.

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