Sunday, October 5, 2008

58 Gal: Messy Moss, More Plants and Fish

Courtesy of Jeff B. I now have more plants. Rotala macrandra (Giant Red Rotala) is absolutely gorgeous - it has extremely fine delicate leaves and is doing almost OK in my tank. R.macrandra v. narrow leaf (Rotala Magenta) looks more like R.rotundufolia than R.macranda.

Rotala wallichi (Whorly Rotala) seem to be slowly melting. Hope it will turn around. I also got a stem of Schefflera aromatica(?). This plant seem to be doing OK.

I also received Anubias barteri 'eyes', Anubias lanceolata, Microsorum pteropus (Java fern) and more moss (Vesicularia montagnei or Christmas moss this time) from aquaticmagic. I attached ferns, which are probably M pteropus v narrow, to bogwood and am now pleased with the way they look and are doing. The moss is a different matter though. For the moss to recover from shipment I dumped it into the tank. In a few days, I noticed new growth while older parts became brown. The worst thing is - a thick (half an inch) layer of solid algae covered hairgrass lawn. Yesterday I removed algae with about half a pound of substrate and all hairgrass. I then recovered and replanted hairgrass. To salvage the substrate I sunk it in Hydrogen peroxide overnight. Peroxide killed algae and made it possible to separate it from flourite. Now the moss sits in a pan with water and waits for me to transfer it to a plastic mesh. I am concerned though that adding it to the tank will again result in an algae outbreak.

Finally, thanks to Romeo O. I now have some (Silver?) Angels (Pterophyllum scalare)! They hang together and are doing great - their appearance improved since they moved into this tank. According to Romeo, these Angels are about 3 months old now. Their gills are somewhat exposed - is it because of transparent gill covers? - I hope this will change with age.

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