Friday, October 17, 2008

58 Gal: Rummy-Nose Tetras

This tight school of 20 Rummy-Nose Tetras (Hemigrammus rhodostomus) was delivered today with no loses at all! (Update: looks like one of them will be lost in the next day or two) They are constantly darting in the bottom half of the tank.
I also got myself some topsoil for El Natural experiments. I happened to pick the same EarthGro from Home Depot as the topsoil used in this howto.
Here is a progress update. This picture was taken right after trimming on 10/12/2008. Note a "vacuum cleaner" (pump with a pre-filter sponge) I used to remove the debris. I am not convinced it worked well enough so I doubt I will be using it in the future.
This picture was taken a week later. I am really pleased with the way the swords are developing - this must be substrate tablet ferts. Too bad hair algae developed even better - notice the hairgrass got almost fully covered. I read that in an aquarium with algae new algae grows slower. Based on this piece of wisdom I decided to take it easy and to leave algae alone, at least for now...

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