Sunday, October 12, 2008

Water Chemistry

Today I finally used the test kits - all I had - low range pH and KH/GH. The results are really confusing:

pH dGH dKH CO2
58G 7.0 15.68 10.08 47
20G 7.6 8.96 5.60 6.8
Tap 7.6 10.08 7.28 7.5

There is no surprise that 58Gal has lower pH - CO2 injection shows. 58Gal does have a terribly high GH - I tested it twice only to get the same result - I guess water change is overdue. But 47ppm for CO2? My fish is doing just fine and has no desire to die as it should do at 47ppm concentration of CO2. And my tap water has higher GH than 20Gal? This I certainly do not understand. My guess is that the GH/KH test kit needs calibration. I also ordered phosphate and nitrate test kits.

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